Lead Generation

leadOur dedicated call centers help companies:

  • Generate short-term leads (awareness, generating appointments, interest on products / services)
  • Generate and nurture long-term leads
  • Building their brand

D&B can assist by not just generating leads and placing them with the Client, but if required to also create a dedicated team to:

  • Follow up with sales managers / partners for feedback
  • In case of lead drop, check the reason
  • For deal closures, update the record
  • Age leads, trigger them on future date
  • Share weekly MISs with the client

The leads would be classified as Hot warm & Cold based on the BANT Criteria

B – Budget (The appropriate budget is available and the approximate value range)

A– Authority (Has the decision maker confirmed the interest?)

N – Need (Is there a need for the product or service: Is the need genuine?)

T – Time line (The decision timeline)

and thereby generating meetings / appointments with the prospects

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