Sales And Marketing

snmD&B Sales & Marketing Solutions provide measurable ROI on your acquisition, retention, and growth strategies and enable effective data management across your sales and marketing organizations.

If your company falls into the trap of being data rich but information poor, you’re working at a distinct disadvantage. Avoiding this trap and turning your data into revenue is key to business growth. D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions enable organizations to acquire and grow new customers, retain existing customers and reclaim lapsed ones.


D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions enable businesses to answer key questions including:

  • How do you design and run successful new-customer acquisition and win-back campaigns?
  • How do you close deals more quickly?
  • How do you segment your customer base to identify customers at risk of leaving?
  • How do you segment your customer base to identify the best up-sell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • How do you ensure that your customer data is as accurate and complete as possible?
  • How do you make your investments in CRM and sales and marketing automation systems work harder for you – and spend less time doing it?

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