Business Rating Reports

For companies who see to proactively establish the credibility among prospective customers, suppliers, bankers or investors, D&B provides a unique solution – Business Rating Report (BRR). This report helps companies showcase their business strength to the local and international business community through a globally accepted business rating. The advantages of having the company rated are as highlighted below:


  • The B R R will be projected on the D&B global database and will showcase the company’s services/products
  • The report will help build the companies credibility

Access to Finance

  • Build your credit profile with D&B to drive confidence among banks and investors.
  • The D&B rating enables you to enjoy favourable credit terms from leading banks in the region.

Tenders & Contracts

  • Showcasing the D&B Rating in tenders and contracts lends value to the company’s overall value proposition.
  • This allows prospects to gather useful information on your business and make well informed decisions.

Internal Analysis

  • Analyze your busines sperformance to plan,strategize and define targets for your business to drive
    sales and profitability.
  • Allows fairevaluation amongst peers within the industry

Business Rating Report can be of the following 3 types:

Business Rating Report Basic View Sample File

Business Rating Report View Sample File

Business Rating Report Comprehensive View Sample File

Along with any of the rating reports, the company will recieve a framed rating certificate (for rated companies) and two copies of the report (one with financials and one without) both in soft and hard copies.

If you would like to understand the D&B Rating, please click Global_Ratings_Guide.

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