Business Information Reports

  • BIR is the most popular Dun & Bradstreet product and is available on millions of companies worldwide.
  • BIR provides a comprehensive profile of the company including:
    • Overview and History of business,
    • Ownership details, operational and financial information
    • D&B rating of the company,
    • Information of special events such as business moves and mergers, acquisitions etc.
    • Details about parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, branches and divisions.
  • The BIR/BPR will help any establishment to address their concerns about their customers and suppliers as follows:


  • Assess risks and set terms for new customers
  • Understand customer risk and opportunity
  • Speed up you new customer acceptance process
  • Set the right credit limits
  • Reduce your DSO and bad debt
  • Minimize the risk of fraud.
  • Prioritize collection


  • Assess the risk of your suppliers to ensure that the supply chain is not affected
  • Understand how frequent changes among suppliers can impact your decision
  • Utilize your global spend with a group in purchasing negotiations

Click here to download a Business Information Report sample . Kindly note that the report contents may vary per region and information is subject to availability.  You can here to download a quide to reading the report.

If you would like to understand the D&B Rating, please click Global_Ratings_Guide.


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