D&B Banking Solutions are designed to help banks make confident decisions. The decisions that reduce risks, increase revenues and improve portfolio performance. Our solutions comprise of analytical models, platforms that integrate these models with core business processes and comprehensive information management services to convert raw data into actionable intelligence.

Today, banks have to deal with uncertain geopolitical environment, interlinked financial markets, tough regulatory requirements, ever demanding customers and rapidly changing technology. Banks that anticipate well, can not only mitigate risks better but can also build competitive differentiation. Globally, banks are making significantly higher investments in analytics to be able to predict the customer behavior and simulate business outcomes. Technology advancements are helping banks in taking a greater number of decisions based on scientific evidence.

However, building analytical models and integrating them with business processes requires specialized skills including business knowledge, modeling techniques, analytical technologies, data management and awareness of local factors. D&B, for last 170 years has been helping its clients in more than 230 countries take smarter decisions

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