DUNSRight® Process

DUNSRight® is what makes our customers confident about their critical business decisions.

We define data quality by asking ourselves four questions:

  • Is the data accurate?
  • Is the data complete?
  • Is the data timely?
  • Is the data globally consistent?

To answer these questions, we take our data through a process called DUNSRight®, in which we collect, aggregate, edit and verify data from thousands of sources daily so that our customers can use the information to make profitable decisions for their businesses.

The output of this extensive process?

High quality business information embedded in our solutions that customers rely on – not just to be sure – but to be D&B SureTM.

Significance of the D-U-N-S® Number :

DUNSRight® comprises the five essential elements that transform data into quality, actionable insight:


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